Social Worker registered with another Canadian social work regulatory body

Because of the current situation, all applications for admission and re-registration must be sent to us by Email. We ask you to scan the required documents «In PDF format».

General information

This section is intended for persons who are registered as social workers with another Canadian social work regulatory body.

Please review the information below to determine your eligibility before completing your application for admission.


Preliminary Notice

To obtain a social worker permit issued by the Order through this route to admission, you must already be registered as a social worker in good standing with another Canadian social work regulatory body.

However, if one of the following situations applies to you, we invite you to refer to the route for graduate in social work outside Québec (Canada or international) or by equivalence:

  • You are registered as a social worker with the Alberta College of Social Workers on the basis of a college-level diploma or recognition of an equivalence on the basis of that diploma
  • You are registered as a social worker with the Saskatchewan Association of Social Workers on the basis of a certificate in Indian social work
  • You hold a provisional social worker certificate issued by the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers

Documents to attach

The following documents must be attached to your application for admission:

1. Application for admission/Registration Form for the Membership Roll of the Order as social worker

Application for admission | Form 2020 – 2021
You must complete the Membership Application /Registration on the Roll of the Order as Social Worker  (PDF, 458 KB). For assistance, consult the Reference Guide for your Application for OTSTCFQ Admission or Reregistration (PDF, 1.100 KB).


2. Proof of identity

You must send us a photocopy of a government-issued ID card, which shows your full name. Examples: passport, driver’s licence, birth certificate.


3. Official transcript

Only an official, final transcript is accepted.

You can ask the university to send us your transcript by email or to scan your transcript and send it in PDF format by email.

It must include:

  • the mention “degree obtained” (and the date of issue)
  • the registrar’s seal

Is your final transcript unavailable?

If you have just completed your program or you are a graduate of the Université de Sherbrooke (whose official transcripts never mention the degree conferred), you may attach:

An official attestation of completion of studies or awarding of degree attesting that the degree will be conferred at the next graduation ceremony.

If you cannot attach these documents upon filing your application for admission, attach Appendix R (PDF, 103 KB) attesting that you have undertaken steps with your educational institution to send the necessary documents directly to the Order.

If you have completed a Master’s degree in social work or social services, you must transmit confirmation that you meet language requirements necessary for the issue of your permit.


4. Certificate of member in good standing

First, send the Certificat de membre en règle [Certificate of member in good standing]  (PDF, 109 KB) to the Canadian social work regulatory body with whom you are registered as a social worker and have it completed by them.

Then, in order to speed up the process for registering for the required training:

  • Provide a copy of your membership card, and
  • A copy of Appendix M (PDF, 101 KB) attesting that you have undertaken steps with the social work regulatory body elsewhere in Canada to have your duly completed Certificate of member in good standing sent directly to the Order.

We need to receive the completed Certificate of member in good standing before we can issue you a permit as a social worker and register you on the membership roll.

5. An up-to-date curriculum vitae

6. Appendix C (if you have been declared guilty by a court of a criminal offence or by a disciplinary body of another order in Québec or elsewhere)

You are obliged to inform the Order of such a decision.

To do so:

Applications of persons declared guilty of a criminal or disciplinary offence are reviewed by the Admissions and Equivalence Committee, whose recommendations are transmitted to the Executive Committee of the Order.

This may take up to 12 weeks.


7. Office québécois de la langue française Form (where applicable)

Please consult the linguistic requirements to determine if you must complete the Formulaire de l’Office québécois de la langue française with a view to taking a French exam.


Fees to pay

The fees payable will vary according to your situation at the time you apply. 

These fees are not refundable.


Professional liability insurance

You are required to have professional liability insurance if you practice the profession (whether full time, part time or occasionally).

If you are in independent practice or not covered by professional liability insurance of your employer, you are obliged to purchase the Order’s professional liability insurance. You can request an exemption by completing Appendix BSee our page on professional liability insurance  to find out more.

Required training

You must take the training activity entitled Lois, règlements et normes : balises pour soutenir l’intervention des T.S. et T.C.F. [Laws, regulations and standards: benchmarks for social work and marriage and family therapy interventions] before we issue your permit and register you on the membership roll.

This two-day course covers the laws, regulations and ethical aspects of social work practice in Québec.

To access this training, you must first submit your application request to the Order. You will then be able to register via our continuing education platform.

After you have completed this activity and if your application is complete, we shall be able to issue your social worker permit and register you on the membership roll.

If you wish to learn more about the content of the training or know the dates of upcoming sessions, we invite you to consult our Catalogue d’activités de formation.


And then?

Send us your documents by email at the following address : [email protected].


Retention of incomplete applications

A file that remains incomplete is destroyed one year from the date you were informed that your application was incomplete.

You will have to initiate a new admission procedure, including the payment of fees for opening your file and, if applicable, the review of your file

If you have any questions, please contact:

Johanne Malo, Secretary
Admissions Service
Telephone: 514 731-3925
Toll-free: 1 888-731-9420
[email protected]

  • See also:
    • Règlement sur les autorisations légales d’exercer la profession de travailleur social hors du Québec qui donnent ouverture au permis de travailleur social de l’Ordre des travailleurs sociaux et des thérapeutes conjugaux et familiaux du Québec [Regulation respecting legal authorizations to practice the social worker profession that allow access to the social worker permit of the Order]  (C-26, r. 284)